To make rattan and bamboo products to meet the requirements of customers, Bao Trung has worked with enthusiasm, carefully selecting from the selection of designs, preliminary processing of raw materials, and yarn processing on specialized machines. used to weave products according to orders, steam-dry on high-tech lines, to pack quality bamboo and rattan products with the best designs.

Not only boldly investing in facilities, but also focusing on vocational training for workers, opening many satellite facilities to exploit idle labor in rural areas and taking care of the interests of people. labor. Currently, in addition to the main base, the cooperative has built 5 more satellite facilities in Quang Nam and Da Nang, specializing in processing products for the cooperative.

The main products of Bao Trung Export Processing and Trading Cooperative are exported to Japanese market. The cooperative is producing 9 items, mainly tea trays, fruit, flower baskets … from rattan, bamboo, straw, straw …

Quality improvement

In order to have products of international quality, Japanese experts often come to cooperatives to check product output, inspect input quality, equipment, machinery and production stages, so the cooperative always reminds members and employees strictly follow the production processes.

Up to now, the cooperative has created regular jobs for 60-70 workers and 200 seasonal workers, along with a team of drivers and dozens of people specializing in transporting goods for the cooperative.

In order to facilitate the transaction and signing of contracts with partners, the cooperative has invested 5 billion VND to build a spacious operator, processing workshop, warehouse, yard on an area of about 1 ha in Hoa Nhon commune. The headquarters of the cooperative is close to the big road, making it convenient for trucks to carry, load and load.

Assessing the activities of cooperatives, Chairman of the Cooperative Association of Da Nang City Nguyen Hong Van said that: Bao Trung Cooperative is a unit that boldly invests in machinery, equipment, and technology application in processing. products and create many jobs for workers, especially in rural areas. While the economy of the cooperatives is facing many difficulties, the rise of Bao Trung cooperative is worth the learning of many other cooperatives.

Cooperatives have created many jobs for workers

Safe to use

With talented, skillful, careful, meticulous hands in every detail, blowing soul into each bamboo and rattan product is the enthusiasm and love of traditional profession of the workers who turn bamboo, neohouzeaua, straw , rice stubble … into products with high applicability designed flexibly depending on each different use purpose.

In order to meet the stringent requirements of the Japanese market, the cooperative must satisfy the requirements for product quality; strict rules of origin and standards under the Chemical Law must be handled to ensure safety for human health and the environment during the production and use of products.

After being knitted by hand to the customer’s order size, the products will be sun-dried, then smoked to make the product more beautiful and neat, then dried to can be used for a long time and still durable.

Cooperative’s products are also sprayed with anti-termites, standard drugs, do not harm the environment and the health of consumers, and are not afraid of being attacked by termites to damage the products.

With dedication, enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility, up to now, the cooperative’s bamboo and rattan handicrafts have affirmed their brand in the Japanese market. The cooperative is also looking forward to more support and assistance from functional agencies and businesses to expand links and upgrade production scale, to meet the needs of the market.