The bamboo and rattan industry is scarce in high technical skills

After the Decision 11/2011 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on bamboo development has created a premise and policy for enterprises to participate in this field to have more motivation for investment and development.

In fact, the raw materials and labor resources of Vietnam are very cheap and plentiful. However, compared to other countries, the quality of our products as well as our designs are weak and poor. The high-skilled training institutions for the handicraft sector are not really professional. Currently, we still have to work, study, and tink through experience, so it is still patchy and fragmented.

As soon as the exported bamboo and rattan products of Duc Phong Co., Ltd are now present in 34 countries around the world and the Company is also the basis of product consumption for 35 bamboo and rattan crafting villages in Nghe An province. In the past years, but if the products of enterprises like ours participate in the common market of the ASEAN economic community (abbreviated as AEC) to be removed tariff barriers and import and export duties among ASEAN countries on At 0% level, there still exist many limitations in the technical and skilled stages of processing.

Meanwhile, the stage of linking groups between craft villages to build international copyrights and brands, we have not yet done so. Trade promotion and product introduction in other countries’ markets in recent years have not been given due attention and attention.

In fact, the quality of life of people has increased, customers’ tastes are not only monotonous household products, but also require aesthetics with high creativity.

To meet the increasing demands of the market, local authorities and sectors should further support vocational training institutions in high quality vocational training; planning material zones, focusing on quality, designs, labels, technology and machinery investment. In addition, localities should pay attention to proactively direct the establishment of cooperative groups, cooperatives and businesses in craft villages to act as “midwives” for craft villages to preserve and develop …


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