Some tips for preserving bamboo and rattan furniture

Bamboo and rattan furniture is one of the familiar furniture items used in many families, especially in this hot summer.

However, despite using many bamboo and rattan furniture, but not everyone can know how to preserve these items, here are some great ways to preserve bamboo and rattan furniture for you.

1. Disadvantages of woven bamboo and rattan furniture

If you have used bamboo and rattan furniture, you can not help but fully grasp the disadvantages of furniture made from this material, in which furniture made from bamboo and rattan are often very susceptible to termites and mold, unable to withstand the rigors of the surrounding environment.

Furniture made from bamboo and rattan can not be preserved for a long time, partly due to the impact of the surrounding environment, but also partly due to improper production, storage and use. to the condition that the item breaks down more quickly.

2. How to preserve bamboo and rattan furniture

To preserve bamboo and rattan furniture, right from the processing stage, it is necessary to be careful and meticulous, the product must be finished carefully without moisture or damage.

Most bamboo and rattan products are very comfortable with negative impacts from the surrounding environment, so if using these products, it is best to use them in an air-conditioned environment or environment. Shady, dry and airy for proper temperature conditioning, so that these furniture items can be preserved for a long time.

Particularly with bamboo and rattan furniture, you absolutely should not pour water into these products regularly, regular watering in bamboo and rattan furniture will surely make the item quickly damp. and much more damage.

To preserve these items more carefully, you can completely use an antiseptic to spray on furniture made of bamboo and rattan, which can help you kill mold and germs. Toxic organisms are on utensils, destroying the beetles contained in this product.

However, when using these drugs you should leave the item to be sprayed with disinfectant in a dry and spacious place, because this drug is relatively harmful to health, so after spraying you need to cover up 2 days later to use offline.

3. How to keep bamboo and rattan new

To keep bamboo and rattan furniture fresh and new, it is best to regularly clean them with a soft cloth or brush, absolutely do not scrub or scratch to avoid scratching. these furniture items.

In addition, when using, you should also avoid chemicals spilled on these items such as ink or other chemicals, if spilled, you need to clean immediately so that these chemicals do not penetrate. Bamboo and rattan furniture, if absorbed, it will be extremely difficult to erase.

In addition, to keep bamboo and rattan furniture new, you can use a rubber sponge or a soft cloth with a little soapy water to clean, it is best not to use strong detergents. damage to the outer surface of the product.

One year these bamboo and rattan items are best cleaned once, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, and remember to only display these items indoors. Absolutely do not expose them to the sun or rain.

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